Past Chairpersons Bob Potter (left) and Margo Weitekamp (center) welcome Frank LaMonaca (right) as the new Chairperson of the Southeast CT Chapter of SCORE.

Frank LaMonaca will become the new Chairperson of the Southeastern Connecticut chapter of SCORE leading a team of more than 40 volunteers who provide free mentoring for people starting up or running small businesses throughout the Southeastern region of Connecticut.

“We are delighted to welcome Frank LaMonaca as the new Chairperson for our SCORE chapter,” notes Margo Weitekamp who has been the Chair of SCORE for the past three years. “Frank brings a wealth of experience in business, client services and banking expertise to SCORE with 21 years in commercial lending. Additionally, he served in a variety of senior executiveroles, including CFO at UPS Capital Corp. the UPS parent company, in both the United States and Europe. He retired from UPS in 2017.”

Past SCORE chair Bob Potter added: “As our new Chair, Frank will continue the legacy of strong leadership that Margo Weitekamp has provided over the past three years as chapter chair. During her tenure, our SCORE chapter received both the Platinum and Diamond Awards, which SCORE’s national headquarters presents for outstanding service to clients.”

"l’m excited about this opportunity to lead the Southeastern CT SCORE chapter,” noted Frank. “Throughout my business career, I’ve worked closely with both large and small corporations, and I’ve seen first-hand how important small businesses are to the health of our local communities. They’re the lifeblood of our economy. Working with our SCORE volunteers, passing on our business knowledge and experience to help existing businesses and the next generation of entrepreneurs succeed is a great way to give back. SCORE is in the business of helping make small business dreams come true."